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About 'The Nightbirds' Collection

‘This image is printed today on T-shirts and Sweatshirts for a capsule named ‘Nightbirds’.
It is one of the best shots from a series, called ‘Brussels by night’, in 1989.
For some reason, in that year, I decided to not keep it in my study work / exhibition.’
Brussels, May 1989, I am a student in last year of photography, working on the finalization of my study work, “Brussels at night”. The best way to party all Spring long, getting access to any club, every party in town, evenbetter it was with my teacher's blessing.

It is late at night, around 4 or 5 am, I am in the club, the camera hanging on my neck, drinking a Coke at the main bar, the party slows down, should I stay or move back home?

With a lot of noise, a groom, his bride and a few of their friends are coming in, joining the party, floating to the bar, laughing, shouting, the bride in her white dress… this group of fellows ends up standing next to me.
They look all a bit tired but clearly, they aren’t ready to go home, no envy to end their celebration day and night. One of the chaps, the groom’s witness, notices my camera and asks me to take a group picture.
I am a student, every roll counts. Expensive to buy, to develop… it makes no sense to use part of my roll for an image they will anyway never see…
I leave them. Cruising for a last walk through the premise, I am looking for a great romantic or sad late night image to catch. Something cinematographic.

Time flies, it must be daylight outside and we can’t be more than 20 to 30 people inside, a few hipsters are performing some kind of a tired version of vogueing on the dancefloor.
I am thinking that this could be it, and decide to picture these dancers from above.
The song “Requiem pour un con” comes out of the speakers.

I rush to the staircase leading to the balcony. Too late, the door giving access to it is already closed, still, I give it a try, pushing it. Surprisingly it isn’t locked, so I get in.
I pass the door, it closes behind me, light goes down and the sound muffled.
Sitting in front of me, silently, almost like animals in nature, low lit, here are the lovers.
The bride. She kisses him. They ‘re so intensely involved that they don’t notice my presence close to them. I do my frame, press the trigger, and silently leave them to their secret.

A few days later, I decided to not include this image in my end of study school exhibition.
What if someone recognizes them? Him or her ?
The bride secretly kisses the groom's witness. This could have been the title.

‘Nightbirds’ will be.

Never ever shown, 32 years later this image is now part of a past.
Today, it feels nice to show it. 1989. It was so cool, so lost, so…

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