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For us telling stories, it is doing creation and ultimately bring emotions to life through our fictional works. These can be a new sweatshirt collection, the creation of a photographic series, a design for our new T-Shirt, the making of our next short-film... a tracklist... Our stories are all labeled « Demain, il fera jour. ».

It is our magic to pretend & fake in order for you to experience specific feelings.

Scroll down and click on a story. It reveals some of our nicest lies. Eventually you could love us a bit more. This is our (hi)story, our today and tomorrow... a small selection of projects and products we created for for all of us.

There is an MGMT song called : ‘time to pretend’ . It could have been one of our Mottos !


01. Ouverture - Daft Punk
02. Sleeper in Metropolis - Anne Clark
03. Mutter - Konstantin Sibold
04. Acid Phase - Emmanuel Top
05. The First Rebirth - Jones & Stephenson (Charlotte De Witte Reworked)
06. Follow Me - Jam & Spoon (Thomas Schumaker Remix)
07. Dominator (original Mix) - Human ReSource
08. Time - Charlotte De Witte
09. Call Me - Ellen Allien
10. Alife - Daft Punk
11. Your Mind - Adam Beyer & Bart Skills
12. Laurent Garnier - From the Crypt to the Astrofloor
13. La Rock 01 - Vitalic
14. Golden Dawn - Johannes Heil
15. Rez - Underworld
16. I’M gonna get You - Nina Kraviz & Melon
17. Saratan - Deena Abdelwahed

Tracklisted and mixed by D.C.

More bedtime stories later,
now is a time to please yourself !


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