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Dear friends, Dear Subscribers, Dear collaborators, Dear Muses and Icons, 

Since its creation in 2009, the name « Demain, il fera jour. » has often been interpreted  differently from the mood we wanted it to embody. 

In other words, its tone and its DNA have often been misunderstood. 

Right under the following picture, stand a few words, it may steal 2 minutes of your... «Juste un petit clin d’oeil, une mise au point(Lyrics : Jakie Quartz. 1990)


© 2020 - photography : David Carette

In 2013, a magazine titled : « Demain, il fera jour. a brand with positive attitude. »,  at that time nothing seemed less true to us. Even if in hindsight, that’s what it was  probably a little more than we could admit it. 

Words and sentences are dear to us. It’s always with words, snatches of sentences  written on notepads and other agendas that our stories begin. Creating moments (a  world) of fiction, perhaps these are processes that are dear (and deer) to us. The simple  meaning of a message, but also what it may imply, its possible unspoken, its pintch of  salt as-well as sometimes a touch of irony ; all these games are essential to us. 

Expressing the complexity of our state of mind, creating a story made of beauty and  ambiguous depictions is our hobby.  

In our sentences, as in our images, in our films and our capsule collections, it is never  too sharp. With us, the classic is always somewhat subversive, what seems clean at  first glance is never as much as you may see or believe it is. A seemingly calm picture  will always contain its dose of energy, revealing smoothly its «not always so visible»  modernity. And our sense of humour is always done with (a certain) «mood», often  well hidden. 

« Demain, il fera jour. » it’s a hope and a dream. A wish and a fact, both at the same  time . It is an essential fiction that we are telling ourselves, an illusion that we are  holding onto in order to hold on, to live, to move forward and finally to enjoy.  « Demain, il fera jour. » It can be at the end of the night but just before dawn, or late  at night just before falling asleep. It is when «going home» means «escape». 

It is being seated, well accompanied, even well surrounded. And dance.  

You dance without anyone noticing it. We dance in thought, in secret, in our dreams. 

« Demain, il fera jour. », it is being filled with kindness, with dreams, also with me lancholy or fears, with laughter and with tears. It is a state of mind that we express  through our creations, our photos, our choices, our capsule collections, our films,  our creature of fantasy and embodied characters ... 

Our wish for 2021? As Soul II Soul sang it 32 years ago : 

«Keep on moving, keep on moving don’t stop, nooo ...». 

Demain, il fera jour. is a life drive. 

Happy New Year everyone, 

David Carette  

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